Swamp demo update : Russian, Thai, Polish and Swedish translations

We've been a bit busy lately, some removals, new lifes and adventures during the summer, but we've now started a new working cycle on Swamp.
KTT Destroyer worked on both Swedish and Polish translations. In the meanwhile, we received the help of the community to provide new translations for the Swamp demo :
- Narongsak Hanchana for Thai version
- Dmitrij 'Dagnir' Bugajev for the Russian version

We hope these new translations will help for a better immersion and discovery of our swamps !

You can get the demo right now for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


SwampDemo-linux.AppImage 98 MB
Oct 04, 2019
SwampDemo-macos.zip 94 MB
Oct 04, 2019
SwampDemo-windows.exe 81 MB
Oct 04, 2019
Swamp Demo on PlayStore
Jul 11, 2019

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