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Amazing beautiful game love the story line so well done thank u 👍

Is this cancelled? ;-;

how to make mobile controls I have been watching tutorials everything idk what to do can someone help 

Drawing makes a person terrified!

Hello. I really like your game. What is the program you use to create this art?

hi, i was just wondering if this game is still in development? there doesn't seem to be many updates rolling out :(

Hello, we didnt communicate that much lately, but a new version will be released for sure, stay tuned :)

Hey! I played the demo and it looks awesome! The combat mechanics took me by surprise and made the game more entertaining. The look and feel including the music are fantastic. Really well done! 

Hey ! We're glad you enjoyed it :)
Stay tuned!

Nice game but slow


Nice game guys! i have a questions , how make a link (like yours) to go a my website or other. Ty and sorry for my english.


Hello, not sure to understand your question ? If you mean ingame, it depends on the engine you are using.

I just wanted to say, I REALLY hop you keep working on this game!

I'm so invested in the story and the point & click mechanic on top of the battle! The best demo I've played in a while


Hello Nicholas Davis! Thank you!

Yes we are working on the game :) Stay tuned!

I heavily agree with you

keep working on the game


Slight spoiler to the short demo that it is.
Nice demo! I loved the amount of dialogue you got from examining each item (more than one, which is just not enough), and that it was easy to access each one (no silly animation that would delay each one from displaying). Speaking of which, maybe a slight indicator that a dialogue/choice is displaying would be great? (ex: textbox background changing color to be slightly darker, while general interact/collect item could be lighter)

The reddish monochrome instantly filled the atmosphere with mood and atmosphere that the lack of backstory couldn't provide (Who is our main character? What were him and Greg doing before this? Why is Greg telling us so much info!?). It was much better than Fallout 3's puke-green colors, because desaturated red atleast conveyed the proper mood... but might be wrong there.
    As for the writing, Nicholas seems to know his way around the wasteland and has been seasoned around it, but the dialogue choices don't feel to shape his character significantly yet. I was pretty amazed of his dilligence to loot part of a ventilation shaft (or was he trying to enter it?), that he finds a way to use practically anything.

Another thing I'll note is that the font rendering looks a bit strange(as in not smoothed), even in fullscreen. It was a bit discomforting at 1366x768.

My playthrough was around 10 minutes, so didn't exactly pry and toss each of the game's choices, and so my thoughts about it aren't really impartial.

Overall, the game looks promising! I have a need for point-and-click adventures that let you actually examine items instead of glancing at it by commenting only one line of dialogue. Definitely hope you continue working on it!


Thank you for trying out our game, it's kttdestroyer here (siema!) and I am the writer, though I didn't wrote the original setting (this I wrote afterwards) , I have written the rest and I assure you it will be most interesting and suspensional! ;) Again thank you very much for your review and we do listen to your comments, especially from a fellow fonline 2238 player that I have interacted with personally :)

wait, siema? 


Is this made in GDevelop? I see that they retweeted this game. 


Hello, yes this game is made with GDevelop 5.

Very cool idea!!! Specific but cool. Perhaps not everyone will like it. But go on. Well done!!!

Thank you!

OMG OMG OMG, I can NOT wait for the full version. Firstly love point and click games period. Secondly love , love , love where the story seems to be heading. Amazing art style. Amazing atmosphere.

Thank you :) we're glad you loved it!

Loved the atmosphere and the design.

Thank you :)

Looks great, want to see more :) If you want Slovenian translation somewhere down the line, let us know. Also, there was a small bug in the boy's room. I clicked around the darkness looking for stuff to interact with, but all I ended up doing was making the text interface disappear somehow. After that, anything I clicked on would not produce a text description or interact with me. I couldn't talk to the boy or go down a corridor. I have enabled "Statistics", so it should be logged in your system about 10 minutes ago. The bug wouldn't go away after I quit and clicked "Continue game" from main menu. I had to reinstall from the downloaded .exe and then click "Continue game".  Hope it helps. :)

Hello Gamejjine Games, thanks for your enthousiasm :) We will probably look for translators for the final release.

Thanks also for the bug report, we will look after it ! But you know.. The Swamp is full of bugs :)

Was really getting into this when the demo ended. I enjoy point and click games, especially ones with good stories and atmosphere like this. When do you think the whole game will be out? Looking forward to playing properly and really getting into the story.

Hello Noob Gamer, the only date we can give is fall 2020, so stay tuned :)

I really liked the game atmosphere and how creepy it is you did a great job on this 

link to playthrough:

Hello Sierra Wolf Girl, and thank you :) Stay tuned,


The atmosphere in this game was unbelievable. I really enjoyed the battle system and Point & click style :D

How long have you been working on this project? :)

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


It sounds very interesting! Thank you for trying out our game and thank you for feedback!

We have been working on it like 8 months, 3 people :)

Your event sounds very interesting and we look forward to participate! :)




Wow that's amazing! And good luck in the competition :D


A great idea for a game. I really enjoyed the demo as it wasn't your usual run and shoot style of game.  You really have to examine every part of the screen to make sure you don't miss anything or a part of the story.

Good Luck DEVS :)



Hey wobblyfootgamer, thanks for video, we hope you enjoyed the demo !

We'll probably add some tips about the gameplay : left mouse button is for interacting, and right mouse button for inspecting, i've seen you probably didn't noticed it until the end of the demo.

Big thanks for this video <3